Hello, hope everyone is doing well :)...Right now, American football season is happening in the US. I don't believe I have mentioned before, but I love football season. My favorite team is the Buffalo Bills. Pretty much my whole family was born or grew up in Buffalo, NY besides me. I was born in New Orleans, but they made sure that I would be a Bills fan and a Bills fan I am for life!!
I love my team so much that I wake up in the middle of the night to follow live score online whenever I am out of the US! Last night was a big game...a big rivalry of the Bills are the Miami Dolphins. So, last night WE beat Miami!! (I for some reason say We like I am apart of the team haha). I only live 45 minutes from Miami and a few friends of mine are big Dolphins fans, so I will be writing a few emails tonight :).
When I started to work with Aki I tried to force her to like the Bills. Aki did give them a chance but unfortunately she like the New England Patriots :( Next Sunday the Bills will play the Patriots, so already Aki and I have been going back and forth on who will win the game. The Patriots are undefeated at 9-0 and the Bills are 5 wins- 4 losses. As you can see, the Patriots are quite strong, but the game is played in Buffalo and we are on a 4 game winning streak and I think we just might pull off the upset....LETS GO BUFFALO!!!! :)
Yesterday All Japan also started for Aki with a win in doubles with partner Aiko Nakamura. Tomorrow wil be first match in singles and hopefully it will start out well for Aki. :)
Well I have to go now, speak to you all soon. Bye for now..
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