Good morning from Prague. Akiko and I arrived here on Thursday night after almost 2 weeks of training in Japan. Really felt we had some good practices to prepare for the clay court season in Europe. Also, enjoyed some great food, like always, while in Japan :).
The flight over here actually went pretty fast, I thought. We had connections in Seoul and Frankfurt before arriving in Prague. The good thing was that our layovers were very short. Each connection, pretty much got off the plane and boarded the next one. A lot of the times, the layovers are atleast a couple hours and just makes it more tiring when travelling so far.
The draw came out yesterday and Akiko will play Iveta Benesova in the first round. Schedule will come out later today and we will find out if they will play on Monday or Tuesday. Also, Aki will be playing doubles with Jarka again.
All the best and will update you later! Bye for now.
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  1. byKei on 2007年5月8日 @7時13分

    Hey Billy. Hope you're well.
    Seems that your bags didn't go AWOL this year!
    Weather has been unbelievable in England for the last week or so...though it's going to chuck it down from tonight..!
    Will be visiting the French this year, this time as a spectator. Arriving on the sunday (first day) for 3 nights. Will definately see you there!
    Looking forward to seeing you!!

  2. byKazzy on 2007年5月11日 @10時32分

    Hi Billy, 元気?
    What's up!!
    Both I and my family are Gooood!
    I hope you and Akiko's success!!
    Prague is my dream place!!
    See you soon.

    Chef de cuisine/ Restrante "Yamman-ma "

  3. byShuhei Suzuki on 2007年7月19日 @12時50分

    Hi Billy. I don't know if you remember me, but we used to practice together with Randy / Paul in BKK, Thailand back in 1997 or 1998.
    I have just graduated from University of Illinois with degree in Kinesiology (Athletic Training) and just started to work as an Athletic Trainer for USTA Men's Pro Circuit.
    I saw Edwin in Rochester Futures and he mentioned to me that you are coaching now so I just wanted to say hi. I will be working in the Open in Auguest so iI will try to somehow find you.
    Hope to see you there!!
    shuhei suzuki  (鈴木修平)
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