Hello, just arrived in Osaka after a long delay in Detroit. Boarding began around 2:45pm and was suppose to leave at 3:30. I was very sleepy so I fell asleep while waiting to take off, but I would wake up every now and then and see that we hadn't left yet. Wonderful!! Then around 5:00 they announced that we woud be getting off and switching to another airplane. I had slept the while time while waiting, so I don't even know what was wrong with the airplane. We finally left Detroit at like 6:15, almost 3 hours late. The flight went well, only thing is the woman who sat next to me kept waking me up when food or drinks would come by. She was being very nice, but I was just wanting to sleep and I wasn't hungry.

It's great to be back in Japan. We are here for little over a week getting ready for the tournaments leading up to Roland Garros. Akiko arrived today from France and was very upset on how Fedcup went. I look forward to get on the court with her and have good preperation for Europe.

While I was back home, I had some time off, which was nice. I really used the time to get back inthe gym and I practiced with my friend everyday. I am now ready to have revenge on Akiko. If you remember in Australia, she beat me and I have been waiting to get the chance for revenge. I am sure I will get the chance before we leave for Prague. Get ready Akiko!! :).

Will talk to you soon! Bye for now. :)
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