Aki won her 1st round in the qualies today beating Lisa Raymond 7-5 6-2. Was a high quality mach with both players having really good points. I knew coming into the match that it would be a tough match with Raymond liking this surface. Aki ended up serving 12 aces in the match which was a very nice stat to see. Next match is tomorrow 3rd match after 10:00 am against Vania King from the United States. King is a solid player and expect another tough match. Again, hopefully goes well for Akiko.

Today was the 1st round of qualies and the arena was pretty full of people. Really is nice to see so many people coming to watch tennis and, of course, supporting the Japanese players. At many other tournaments, not as many people come out to the qualifying event.

I am off to bed now, wish us good luck for tomorrow!
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【閲覧中】1st round qualifying win in Tokyo
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・Australian Open result
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  1. byTakeshi on 2007年1月28日 @14時50分

    Hey Billy. I hope you remember who I am. It is so surprise to see you on this blog thing. I spoke to Assaf last week and he told me that he saw you at melbourne. I told me to tell you hi but I am not sure if he did... anyway, Wish you guys luck.
    Take care! た

  2. bykei on 2007年2月6日 @18時19分

    Woah Billyくん,
    You have your own blog now!
    How are things in Japan? I've just woken up to a damp, cloudy, cold, (bit foggy) morning in England...the average february weather I guess....
    Things should clear up by the time you are here again in june.
    See you soon!! 

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