Hello, just arrived in Osaka after a long delay in Detroit. Boarding began around 2:45pm and was suppose to leave at 3:30. I was very sleepy so I fell asleep while waiting to take off, but I would wake up every now and then and see that we hadn't left yet. Wonderful!! Then around 5:00 they announced that we woud be getting off and switching to another airplane. I had slept the while time while waiting, so I don't even know what was wrong with the airplane. We finally left Detroit at like 6:15, almost 3 hours late. The flight went well, only thing is the woman who sat next to me kept waking me up when food or drinks would come by. She was being very nice, but I was just wanting to sleep and I wasn't hungry.

It's great to be back in Japan. We are here for little over a week getting ready for the tournaments leading up to Roland Garros. Akiko arrived today from France and was very upset on how Fedcup went. I look forward to get on the court with her and have good preperation for Europe.

While I was back home, I had some time off, which was nice. I really used the time to get back inthe gym and I practiced with my friend everyday. I am now ready to have revenge on Akiko. If you remember in Australia, she beat me and I have been waiting to get the chance for revenge. I am sure I will get the chance before we leave for Prague. Get ready Akiko!! :).

Will talk to you soon! Bye for now. :)
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Hello everyone. So sorry I haven't written in so long. During the Memphis tournament, something happened to my laptop so it had to be sent back to Apple to get fixed. Tried to turn the computer on and it wouldn't start, was very strange. Now it is all fixed and now able to write my blog.

Just finished the U.S. trip this week in Amelia Island, which started back in Memphis on February 19th. It is a very long trip because both Indian Wells and Miami are 10 day events. If you happen to lose early in the tournament, you have a whole week until the next tournament starts. Even though it was 7 weeks here, I felt that the trip went pretty fast.

Time does go by fast when you are having good results like Akiko did in both Memphis and Las Vegas. In Memphis, after having an exciting match in singles against Venus Williams, Aki and her partner, Jarmila Gajdosova made it to the finals of the doubles. Was a great result also because the girls haven't played together in almost a year.

The next week we were in Las Vegas, where the weather was very tough. Coming from the indoors to playing in 35 mph winds and very cold weather was a big challenge. Aki ended up making finals in singles and semi finals in doubles. Thought it was a great week taking all the variables. Didn't get to go to any shows since we had to play singles and doubles everyday, so that was really the only disappointing thing.

We were then in California for Indian Wells, which is such a wonderful place. You just sit and admire then you in a little bit of a desert with some mountains and amazing how it can be hot out and on top of the mountains is still snow.
It was nice to be back in Florida and Aki was very happy to see her dog Lu.e. We actually brought him up to Amelia Island as well. Everyone at the tournament said how cute Lu.e is, which we already know that :). Also Aki's Mom came out for Miami and Amelia Island which was very nice to have her.

Well, now I have a little time off while Akiko will play Fed Cup. I am on my way up to Charlotte, NC where I am originally frm and my brother still lives there. Be nice to see him and my nephew, Justin, who plays tennis. He is 13 years old and is a good tennis player and I try to find some time to go up there and work with Justin some. Right now its cold outside, so I hope it won't stay like this the whole time I am here...
Well, again I apologize that its been so long since I have written but I am back and will update you on how everything is going. Speak to you soon!
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