Hello! Well I am back home in Florida now, arrived late Sunday. Was really nice to be back, see my Mom, friends, and, of course, sleep in my own bed. I am a big American Football fan, so I was excited to see that my flight arrived an hour before the Super Bowl started.

If you don't follow American Football, the Super Bowl is the final game of the year. You have the regular season which is 17 weeks, then you have the playoffs which they take the best 12 teams. The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears were the teams that made it to the big game,with the Indianapolis Colts winning. Nither teams are my favorite, I am a big Buffalo Bills fan. We didn't make the playoffs this year but I think next year is going to be a better one and I hope we atleast make the playoffs. I have gotten Aki to watch football and understand the rules. Tried to get her to be Bills fan but she ended up liking the New England Patriots. The Patriots beat my team both times they played this year, so Aki was able to rub it in to me for a year now. It's alright, because like I said, next year my team is going to be good and will beat the Patriots!

I will be home for a week or so then meet Aki in Memphis. It is nice to have a week here to relax a little. I travel so much, and the time goes by so fast. So, when I am home I get some time to relax. I like to go to the movies, have to catch up on all the movies I have missed while traveling.

Well, I will update you when I arrive in Memphis. Bye for now..
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